Noosa is an exquisite slice of coastal bliss and one of my favourite weekend getaways. And beyond the region’s natural wonders, Noosa has a flourishing health scene of cafes and food stores, outdoor activities and wellness retreats. Far from ‘letting yourself go’, Noosa is the perfect place to re-energise and embrace healthy travel. So here’s your Healthy Travel Guide to Noosa and everything you need to know to have a fabulously healthy holiday.

If you’re worried about gaining weight like a baby blue whale on your next holiday, listen up! I start to feel bloated and sluggish just thinking about poolside cocktails and five-star hotel buffet breakfast pastries. Really, who wants to spend their holiday feeling ‘blah’ and needing a serious detox, or new wardrobe, every time you get home? Not me, and hopefully not you either. So here’s how to avoid holiday weight gain (and by weight, I mean body fat), while still having a great time.

Eating healthy in Paris can be a challenge if you’re not big on research and are easily tempted by a cabinet full of chocolate éclairs or a neighbouring diner’s plate of soft cheeses. But, for all it’s indulgent stereotype, modern Parisian cuisine outside the tourist traps actually has a lot to offer in the way of delicious, healthy eating.

Staring at the ceiling of a hotel room at 2 a.m. in the morning is my least favourite way to start a holiday. And to think there was a time that I didn’t believe jet lag was a real thing… How naive! But if it’s ever hit you, you’ve probably been left in the dark wondering, what is jet lag and when will this nightmare end?!?