Me and My Travel Bugs

G’Day, We’re Jesse & Bel!

We’re Jesse and Bel, healthy travel nuts who believe you don’t need to put your healthy lifestyle on hold while you travel. After 40+ countries and catching both the good and bad kind of travel bug, it’s our mission to educate and inspire healthy, safe and sustainable travel in every corner of the globe. With first-hand guides and expert travel tips, you’re guaranteed to have an awesome holiday and return home as healthy as when you left.

Firstly, we honestly believe that everything happens for a reason. So, after following your Google search spiral or that viral (fingers crossed!) article we shared on social media you are here! And we are so honoured to give you the tools and inspiration you need to plan your next happy and healthy holiday adventure.

We’re Bel and Jesse, often collectively referred to as Besse; Aussie health nuts who love to travel and experience everything this gorgeous world has to offer, all in a healthy, safe and sustainable way. And, we want to share everything we know so you can stay healthy while you travel too.

We’re equipped for the role, sharing from Bel’s science and nutrition background, and Jesse’s extensive first-hand experience of how it’s all done. Including all the hilarious mistakes we make along the way…

What do we do differently in the world of travel blogging?

Great question. Here’s what we are passionate about:

> Maintaining our healthy lifestyle while travelling. For us, that means keeping up with our yoga and exercise routine while we’re away cause it makes us feel fantastic. We also like to seek out healthy places to eat, retreat and stay. Because we eat a mostly organic, as well as gluten, dairy, sugar and processed-food free diet, we can share with you healthy options that honour the culinary delights of your chosen destination, as well as your body.

> Avoiding all the bad bugs you can come into contact with when you leave your home country. Prevention is key and we will educate you on everything you need to know to avoid all of the bad bugs that can come with travelling. We have A LOT of experience with this one!

> Other healthy travel tips that we have learnt along the way. Like how to avoid altitude sickness and jet lag naturally, as well as the best travel snack options you need for the plane. Cause who even likes plane food anyway?

Who is ‘Me’ and who are my ‘Travel Bugs’?

G’Day! I’m Bel – the ‘Me’ of this operation and the human you’ll be hearing from. Now it’s time for you to meet my ‘travel bugs’… all of them:

> My trusty travel companion (and husband), Jesse

> My passion for travel – the kind that has inspired me to travel to over 40 countries (and counting)

> The infectious type that ruined more than one holiday and which I now help woman overcome on a daily basis – you might know them as Montezuma’s Revenue, Bali Belly, Thailand trots, or… well, you get the idea. You name it, we’ve had it… but never again (if we follow our own advice anyway).


So now that you know more about us, we’d love to learn more about you. Send us an email or start a conversation on social media – chat soon!

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