Healthy Eats

Eating healthy in Paris can be a challenge if you’re not big on research and are easily tempted by a cabinet full of chocolate éclairs or a neighbouring diner’s plate of soft cheeses. But, for all it’s indulgent stereotype, modern Parisian cuisine outside the tourist traps actually has a lot to offer in the way of delicious, healthy eating.

Any traveler looking to experience Australia’s beach culture will no doubt find themselves rubbing shoulders with the hipsters, yogis and gluten-free vegans of Sydney’s Bondi Beach. And beyond the eye-candy provided by famous lifeguards and vet’s in the area (they know who they are…), Bondi also boasts some amazingly healthy organic, paleo, gluten-free and vegan brunch spots to indulge in between swims.

They call it the world’s most liveable city, and with an abundance of healthy restaurants, Melbourne might just get my vote. I mean, who cares what the weather or public transport is like when you have so many places to eat organic, paleo and gluten-free. And you should know that not only will your meal taste delicious, but food is absolute art in Melbourne.